The UNIGLOBE opportunity is to ‘Sell More, Earn More and Spend Less’. By becoming a member of the UNIGLOBE network you will find a proven collection of programs, technologies, systems, tools, education and consulting expertise that are required to:

Increase corporate and leisure

Earn more on existing and new business

Control and minimize cost of doing business

Our menu of programs to ‘Sell More,
Earn More and Spend Less’

Training & HR program.
With easy access to the internet and consumer travel reviews,
customers are likely to come to you armed with knowledge
about your company and product offerings, as well as those of
your nearest competitors. Your people need to be smart and
well informed. There’s no way around it.

We offer a rich training and education curriculum,
to ensure your staff can close more sales from customers.
Staff Excellence is acknowledged at a Regional level through
our high-profile Awards program helping you to retain and
recruit top talent for your business.
National Advertising.
We enhance your "big player" credibility through your
UNIGLOBE affiliation with targeted ads designed to position
you as "successful, progressive and competitive". These ads
highlight the business travel services that you provide and
they appear in places where business travelers will
see them. They help pre-sell your excellence and form a
strong foundation for your direct sales initiatives.
Sales & Marketing.
We give you extensive tools to sell travel services to fast
growing small-to-medium sized enterprises and value-conscious
leisure travelers in your market. Save time, energy and
money through professionally designed, leading edge
advertising, direct sales support and web services to drive SME
account acquisition.

An online enquiry referral system and a corporate sales
development program also support your local client acquisition efforts.
Demonstrate your capabilities better with professionally designed sales
materials including presentations, brochures, flyers, newsletters, RFP
response templates. You also have your own customizable, easy to use,
content-rich website that rivals even the largest online
agency competitors. It comes complete with an air and hotel
booking engine, hundreds of leisure product listings, travel blogs,
videos and the capacity to add more!
Our leisure sales support program combines a powerful lead generation
system with front-line agent sales support to help
ensure EVERY enquiry becomes a sale… and more
revenue for you!

Generate high quality leisure sales enquiries through track-able,
promotional emails sent by you to your clients and prospects. The key
to attracting and keeping your clients is targeted promotions done with
consistency and frequency. This program makes it fast and easy for you
to stay on your clients’ mind so they contact YOU when they
start thinking travel.
Preferred Supplier Program.
Earn industry-leading incentives and grow your bottom-line
revenue. Incentives and supplier benefits are readily available,
to any sized UNIGLOBE member who wants to grow. Training,
sharing of targets and use of our business support tools enables
you to achieve higher profitability.

By helping you to focus purchases whenever possible toward
a few key suppliers, we’re able to build volume that earns
maximum revenue and provides exclusive benefits. These
could be preferred rates, PLBs, commissions, advance notice
on special offers, “extra” inclusions for clients and even waivers
or favors.

Get connected to
big buying power.

If you are interested in growing your business and operating an incredibly successful travel agency, then evaluate the UNIGLOBE business success system. Lets talk!

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