We are a network of family owned travel businesses in India and around the world. We work together for growth, recognition and accessing new technology at shared costs. Our membership consists of those smart agency owners who decided to get connected to big buying power and stay independent in their business decisions.

Building successful travel companies
day by day.

The central Hub is UNIGLOBE International based in Vancouver, Canada. From there we have several Regional hubs of which UNIGLOBE India
is one of them.
It’s this unique structure that gives you access to buying power and resources of a global network while retaining your independence.
We customize the UNIGLOBE support system to local requirements and then provide the system to agency Owners.
With presence in over 6 continents, UNIGLOBE is the world’s largest single brand travel network. By adding the UNIGLOBE brand to your name, you gain business power at two distinct levels – SALES POWER and BUYING POWER. Sales power gives you big player credentials to compete with big players, the OTAs, and even the airlines. At the same time, our buying power brings you better- than-market deals and helps share costs for technology, marketing and advertising.

agency locations

3000+ Crores

annual sales volume

Top 5

Travel Management Companies in India

The Modi Group operates the Regional Master Franchise of UNIGLOBE Travel in the South Asia Region that covers India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Maldives. The South Asia Region began operations in 2002 and currently has over 60+ agency locations across India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka with an annual sales volume of Rs. 3000+ Crores, making UNIGLOBE one of the Top 5 Travel Management Companies in India.

Get connected to
big buying power.

If you are interested in growing your business and operating an incredibly successful travel agency, then evaluate the UNIGLOBE business success system. Lets talk!

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