Navin Mallick

Director - Agency Development

A science graduate and a Master in Tourism Administration, I have over 15 years of experience in the travel industry. I‘ve worked with some of the largest global travel management companies in India. In 2004, I joined UNIGLOBE Travel as a Regional Agency Development Consultant, making available Business Consulting to help UNIGLOBE agencies establish their sales goals and achieve them through training, technology and process implementation. I have been actively involved in the Network Expansion for South Asia Region and have led the development of custom e-commerce technologies including the online portal and enhancement of various programs including HR and Personnel Development Program.

My responsibilities as Director - Agency Development are:

  • Assisting agencies in increasing their market share (both top-line and bottom-line) in their respective marketplaces.

  • Aligning new agency induction and conversion with the UNIGLOBE business system and prioritizing implementation of business support programs.

  • Creating specific business development plans based on a gap analysis of opportunities and goals.

  • Enhancing agency operations and efficiency through research and custom development of new programs including technology, tools and ancillary products.

  • Leading agency support through on-land, web and event based trainings.

  • Internally support extensive market research on various projects expanded to consumer validation for enhancing the agency support program specifically in operations and sales.

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