The Travel Industry Has Changed Dramatically.
Is Your Agency Ready?

Simplifying Travel For Smart Travellers.

The travel business today is tough.
we’re better...together.

Building successful travel companies
day by day.

To be successful and profitable in today’s travel industry isn’t as easy as it used to be. But it can be easier when we combine the talent, responsiveness and passion for service that agency Owners have, with the buying power, technology resources and connections of a global travel network. And that is the story at the heart of UNIGLOBE Travel. Travel agency owners working independently AND together for growth, great supplier incentives, shared-cost access to technology and world-leading marketing and advertising. In other words, the perfect platform for progressive agency Owners who want to:

Increase corporate and leisure

Earn more on existing and new business

Control and minimize cost of doing business


Risk….minimum. Profit… maximum.

If there was any truth in magic lamps and genies, you’d probably find yourself wishing for improved cash flow, reduced interest costs and increased revenue! With UNIGLOBE by your side, all this and more is possible. Consider what it would mean to you if you could:

  • Reduce the risk of your clients shifting some (or all!)of their buying to OTAs and/or the suppliers directly
  • Reduce or eliminate your risk of debit memos
  • Prevent revenue loss from missed ancillary product sales
  • Collect receivables from your clients faster
  • Build a powerful sales pipeline through technology to increase sales results

The people that help
you succeed.

To help drive your agency’s success, you receive business consultation from our in-house
subject experts – from sales & marketing to business administration,
technology and supplier relations. No recruiting involved!

Meet our team

Get connected to
big buying power.

If you are interested in growing your business and operating an incredibly successful travel agency, then evaluate the UNIGLOBE business success system. Lets talk!

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